Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life Support Maybe?

Yeah, so I'm not so good at breathing life into things apparently.  Who knew?  I debated just letting the blog fade away.  I suspect most of my readers are gone now anyway.  But, it turns out I just can't do it.  I rely on the blog.  Just a few nights ago we had a discussion on the name of Riley's cross country coach - we didn't know what it was - we debated several options - I checked the blog (turned out both of us were wrong). 

So, I'm back if for no other reason than my memory is terrible!

I'll start with what we're doing now.  If I get really crazy I may go backward to what we've done!  I am sort of crazy - who knows.

Anyway,  the bulk of our summer so far has been swim team, swim meet, swim team.  It's not the only activity but the past several weeks its been the biggest.

Here's what we know - Daniel excels at this sport.  He doesn't have the prettiest stroke in the pool but he is wicked fast when he needs to be.  His improvement in diving and in swimming has been fun to watch.  It's not often he bests the big sister so I'm thrilled to see him enjoy his moment in the sun.  (or pool as the case may be).  He has the making of a great swimmer.  Check out that arm span.

Riley did not enjoy the swimming as much as Daniel.  First, and foremost I think, she was alone in her age group.  None of her friends from school swam.  While some of her friends from school are members of the same club they prefer boy watching and tanning to actual swimming.  (Shudder)

Also, secondary to that, Riley did well but she didn't exactly excel at swimming and that is a very bitter pill for her to swallow.  She lives to excel.  She has no interest in second place in anything.  It's long been a concern of mine and I've heard it echoed over and over by teachers who tell me about the pressure she puts on herself. 

It became a weekly mantra in my house that the number of ribbons didn't really matter to me as much if you were doing your personal best.  It is an extremely hard lesson to learn.  I don't believe she is there yet but I think we made progress on that front and she never gave up or refused to swim. She is growing up, just, please, no to the boys and the tanning for now.  I'm not ready.

So, swim is over.  It's not my favorite sport to watch.  Meets are LONG.  I had no idea when it started.  The first meet we went to started at 6pm.  I was sure I would be home before 8.  When they turned the outside lights on at 9:15 I knew I was in trouble.  That first meet, fortunately, was definitely the longest.  Still most swim meet nights I went 14 hours from leaving for work in the morning until I would arrive back at home after the meet.  Long, long, long days. 

Still, I will always do what has to be done to support the duo in their many, many activities.  Even the swimming. 

And, all told, I much prefer the swimming to something like....say..... football.  Football that is another activity the boy seems especially eager to take on.

But that would be a story for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Has your boy been talking to my boy about football? I've nixed that one for now.