Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Someone Turned 9 this summer

and it was the boy.  How is it possible that sometimes, even almost 8 years later, simply typing something about my boy makes me pause and question how I got so lucky to get this boy.  The unplanned for miracle in my life. 

Daniel wanted two things for his birthday legos... and... I forget the other thing.  What he got was the legos and a brand new set of golf clubs. 

He is still my little boy.  But, sometimes, sometimes I catch a glimpse of the man waiting to emerge.  It almost always gives me goose bumps.  Daniel is loving, and caring, and alot crazy. 

He is a boy magnet which is a good thing since he lives in a house full of women.  He always finds a group of boys and/or men to hang with. 

Case in point:

His athletic abilities have really rocked up in the last year.  It makes me laugh when I remember that round poly little boy I brought home who walked with a hip swivel and who was about as uncordinated as they come.

Daniel is also a great lover of books and legos.  Daniel had the chance to go to legos engineering camp this summer and he loved that almost as much as football.  Daniel almost always has a book in his hand and reads several grades above his own. 

Sometimes I worry that he is a little hyper.  He certainly adds a certain energy that our home would be sorely lacking without him ( peace would get boring right?).  But, when he bends his head over his legos for several hours and/or reads curled up on the couch I know he is just who he is...

My bouncing 9 year old Son.  I can't imagine life without him.  I wouldn't want to.

My bouncing 9 year old son who almost made me spit my frozen yogurt out the other night when he told me his dream vehicle at the moment is a open air jeep, neon, maybe pink.

Yes, because that won't get him teased when he pulls in at football practice in a few years!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel. It is amazing to watch our boys grow up, isn't it. I don't know what it is with these boys and the neon pink. Tim has a couple of pink shirts and neon pink an yellow soccer shoes. Good thing he doesn't mind being his own person.